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Every fall, around Halloween, I make a document on my computer where I collect all the events I hope to attend during the next year, big projects I want to accomplish, etc. As the days grow shorter, I fill in with details - ticket confirmations, hotel reservations, notes on side trips, links to maps.. the ephemera of adventure. I thought this year I might share some of that in a sort of preview for the year, and hopefully it inspires someone else to take an adventure of their own, and doesn’t become a promise I don’t keep..


Major and minor stuff I want to get done sooner than later

  • Sell KLR & Tiger
  • BMW
    • Aux fuel cell
    • Radar
    • Reroute control cables for bar risers
    • Replace GPS power
    • Move seat to switched power
    • Add stop checklist to screen or something
    • FLIR (if I win the lottery)

GTs and untimed certified rides



🏰 15: V-Day Week at Disney w/Chloe & Sam

My friends Chloe & Sam are going to Disneyland for Valentine’s Day, and I decided to get a ticket to the Sweethearts Nite event.. and grabbed dinner reservations at Cathy and Blue Lagoon!


✅ 10-12: IBA Pizza Party - Jacksonville, FL

Optimistically signed up and made reservations; maybe I’ll mix in a 50cc attempt?


15: Kactus Kilo


I might pop back west for this, we’ll see. I like to leave possible events on the calendar, as well, in case plans change.

✅ 29-30: Heart of Texas Rally - Irving, TX


Wouldn’t miss this! Trying to decide if I want to hang around the Southeast for March/April, maybe explore up the Carolinas, then head over to Texas… or park the bike in Texas and fly home for a month? Definitely have a ton of friends and coworkers who need visiting.


✅ 26-29: West Coast 66 Rally - Pasco, WA


Another can’t miss event, and my last “tune up” event before LDX.

27-29: How the West Was Won (HW3) - Sayre, PA


If WC66 doesn’t go, change registration to HW3?


🏍️ 9-12: Minnesota 2022


Start/Finish location: Google Maps

If for some reason WC66 doesn’t run and I sign up for HW3, this would be a fun event to tack on before heading to Cheyenne for LDX

22: Sekrit Special Ride

Currently in the planning stages - stay tuned

✅ 22- 2 July: LDX Rally - Cheyenne, WY



🏍️ ✅ 22-25: Blaze of Glory Rally - Ely, NV


Hopefully I can get some range time in.

✅ 28-31: North by Northwest Rally - Colorado Springs, CO

Back to back rallies - what could go wrong?


5-8: Rocky Mountain Roll

🦊 21-26: Contribute 2022 - Nashville, TN

Work conference - our first one since April, 2019!


Shenanigans w/Jo

Another 48/10? a 49/10? Who knows!

🏍 30-2 Oct: The Void


How masochistic do I feel?


🏍️ 13-15: Big Tex Rally


31: Disney Halloween!

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