A girl, a bike, and an open road

Wrapping it all up…

I bundled up all my photos into a Google Photos album and emailed them off to the organizers. This was a new submission method for me, and with a few minor tweaks, I’ll be using it for my Pressed Penny Insanity and Lighthouse Insanity tours this coming year. Enabling geolocation features on my photos, as well as keeping a spreadsheet of claimed bonuses over the year, should help the verification teams get my rides certified.

A veteran by now of waiting for IBA rides to be certified, I actually forgot a few times about the tour, but was pleasantly surprised to receive an official confirmation via email that I successfully completed the 2021 Butt Lite Grand Tour!

My claimed bonus locations

Compared to the wide array of bonuses I could have visited…

..I think I did really well. With so many locations, I could’ve stayed in one region alone and reached finisher in just a few days, but combining the tour with my other travels made for some wonderful riding experiences. Visiting locations off the highway really broke up my cross-country travels, and made sure I didn’t stop exploring, seeing new places, and meeting strangers wherever I roamed. To keep this going, I am signed up to participate in at least 2 more of these “grand tour” style events in 2022, in addition to my competitive rally riding, because there’s just too much out there to see, and any excuse to get out there and experience this big old world of ours is good enough for me!

(…besides, I get a pin, patch, or certificate, and who doesn’t love awards?)

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