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So how did I do?

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What a great rally! Of course, it was great to do well, but also I just had a great ride around the west coast. I finally got to visit the Clown Hotel, used my local knowledge of Las Vegas and Seattle to sneak around traffic, and finished up strong. I kept up a great pace, and have my process down. There’s a few things I could’ve done differently or better - I skipped Microsoft, I could’ve bagged Panamint Springs - but in the end, I feel like it was just about as efficient a plan as I could come up with. I was aggressive with how much I could do, and managed to pull it off comfortably! Along the way, I managed to ride an (undocumented) Saddle Sore 2000 and a pair of Bun Burners.

Thanks to Justin Long, the rally master, and his Commander Riker, Timothy Allen. They put in a lot of hard work and creativity to make this rally such a blast for all of us!

My one disappointment was that, as a “virtual” rally with no official start/finish events and four different start locations, I didn’t really get a chance to meet more than a couple other riders. I hope I get a chance to meet everyone at a future event, and hear all their stories about where they went and what they got to see in the West Coast 66 Rally!

Miles: 2,792

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