A girl, a bike, and an open road

Hard to believe this is our last day. A few of us sit on the deck by the pool and eat breakfast, making plans and promises to meet up again in the states. We take the “back way” out of La Paz to avoid the traffic, and are soon back on MX-1 heading south. We stop for an ice cream break in the historic town of El Triunfo, a small, historic town that was once the largest town in Baja California Sur, due to its large silver mine. It was a ghost town after the bust, but has reinvented itself as a bit of an upscale historical village sort of place.

Waiting for the ice cream shop to open

Killing time.. we came HOW FAR to play bags?!

I bought a giant bag of cajeta (milky caramel) empanadas for like, $3USD

RoKo cut us loose on the twisty mountain roads of the next 40 miles to Los Barilles, and I cracked the 1200GS open and ran it hard. Glad I did, it made me like the GS more. It is still too heavy a bike for what I like, but oh boy was it fun to smash the big engine into tight curves at giggle-inducing rates of speed and rpms..


We had kind of a disappointing lunch at a beach bar in Los Barilles, which seems to be a hip, action-sports tourist town. Lots of families from Idaho and Montana with UTVs and ATVs, bars, surf shops, etc.

Our next stop was crossing the Tropic of Cancer! New tourist center, it has multiple little shop spaces for local artisans, all unfortunately empty today. A small outdoor chapel as well as a food truck with a guy who really, really wanted our business.

Made it!

From there it was a chill 50 miles or so to San José del Cabo, where we are staying in another beach resort. Getting into the city was a shock, as suddenly it was BUSY and full of traffic, and not at all pleasant to ride through.

Fancy goodbye dinner at a great restaurant, where we encountered yet again a fair amount of confusion about the idea of separate checks.

Tomorrow I fly home, but for the next few hours, I’ve got other plans.

Hammock Life

Miles: 225

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