A girl, a bike, and an open road

I had a minor panic at lunch. Installed the leads for my new heated jacket, and then road up here to Longmont, CO to try it out on the highway. Happy to report it kept me fairly warm, even with the vented jacket over it.. feels like strong summer sunshine on my back (and arms, and neck, and chest..)

The panic came from suddenly my “range remaining” gauge showing “–” instead of, y’know, my remaining range. Oh, and the clock is off by 22 minutes suddenly. WTF?!?

I pull into the parking lot and fiddle with fuses, restart it a couple times to see if it restarts.. no luck. Walk into the coffee shop, place my order, and in the middle of handling the change realize “Kerri, you idiot, you unplugged the bike’s battery for a little over 20 minutes, that’s why the clock is off.. oh, and I bet the range gauge needs a full tank to start with to recalibrate after power loss.” 2 minutes of googling proves my theory.

tl;dr - I am an idiot and you should never hire me to be an engineer on your team unless you’re an idiot, too

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