A girl, a bike, and an open road

The racks to mount my aluminum side cases arrived yesterday, so I spent some time on the sidewalk attaching them. Fairly straight forward, except for a pair of bolts that I /might/ have.. no, definitely, cross-threaded. No help for it, I was trying to get them in at a funky angle, just want too fast. They’re locked in “well enough” I just need to replace them at some point.

The cold front that moved in this weekend, and the chilly riding that has ensued, convinced me to look into heated gear, so at lunch yesterday I bombed down into Denver proper to a huge gear store. I knew I needed warmer gloves; my summer-weight, vented 🥊 aren’t helping much when it dips below 55. I ended up with a pair of Klim gloves, and somehow also a heated jacket liner and the remote control for it.. 🏍 are worse than 🚤.

I worked for a few hours from the Starbucks across the street, banging my head in to pem certs, until it was time to head home at 5:30pm.. straight into stop-and-go Denver rush hour! Stop-and-go on a motorcycle is intolerably physical, and DANGEROUS! Once I got through most of the I25 gnarliness and could hop on the express lanes on US36 (which is such a nice highway, but of COURSE it is, it goes to super white and wealthy Boulder… 🤣) I suffered a tiny moment of “hmmmm” when I realized I never bothered to see if riding your 🏍 in the HOV/express lanes was a legal thing in Colorado.. I mean, it is everywhere ELSE but then, Colorado has “near beer” so who knows? I guess I should read up on traffic laws.

Looking at the calendar and REALLY wanting to be home. November is looking like another month of travel, and poor 🐶!

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