A girl, a bike, and an open road

Another red flag day, so I decided to cut over to I84 and try to get there before the heat gets above 90. Living in Seattle all these years has made me soft; 20 degree swings are weather news for us, so it going from 105 yesterday down to 58(!) last night just confuses my body to no end.

160 miles of Oregon farmland, and I’m in Idaho! I knew I was back in civilization when the first dude on a sports bike and ZERO safety gear blew past me. 😀

So far this morning:

  • Deer: 3
  • Foxes: 1 (and I squeed so hard!)
  • Cows in the road: 2
  • Crop dusters: 1
  • Parachutes coming in for a landing: 2

Another day, another 102F in the shade afternoon. Only riding 40min or so at a time, so I’m not making great time, but the highway sure is easier than the secondary roads I’d have to take if I didn’t endure the slab.

323.4 miles today. Tucked in to a cheap motel in Twin Falls, ID, safe and sound. Ran into a BMW G1200 rider checking in, he’s on his way back to Los Angeles, he gave me some “how to stay cool” tips, which were all gear related. I mean, I guess if I had a $22k 🏍, I’d buy a lot of “keep cool” gear, too.

I definitely had an easier day today. I managed my hydration much better, and riding on the interstate helped keep me cool (and with a speed limit of 80…) It also is far more relaxing to be on the boring, sweeping interstate instead of winding mountain highways.

I don’t have a Butler map for Oregon, but I’d be surprised if US26 isn’t well-rated. Great mountain bits with easy sloping hills, big changes in scenery, lonely little towns, not a ton of traffic, etc. Highly recommended, but avoid this kind of heat if you can!

Tomorrow is a “short” day, Twin Falls to SLC. I need to figure out if I’m going to route up through Wyoming along the fast interstates, or cut across northern Colorado on mountain highways. I’m still feeling woozy from 2 days in this heat (plus being sick right before leaving!) I’ve friends in SLC I’d love to see, though! ❤️💛💚💙💜

Today's Route

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