A girl, a bike, and an open road

Survived the 180 miles of slab to Portland. Stuck in stop and go in Tacoma/JBLM for two hours and lost at least 5 pounds of đź’¦.


Staying in the women’s hostel at McMennamins Edgefield Winery. Had a lovely meal with my Ruby friend Sam and wandered around the property collecting stamps in my McMennamins passport.

Tomorrow is going to be rough; 160 miles over Mount Hood to Redmond, OR then another 160 or so through John Day, OR to Prairie City, OR where the highlight of the town might be the menu at the towns one restaurant: “steak fingers” which according to their menu on Facebook are like chicken strips, but… steak.

Hope I have enough time and stamina to stop at the fossil beds and get some photos, but the forecast is high temps around 92F - I’m stopping at every 7-11 for cold drinks and water, I swear.

Expect more pics tomorrow; today was just boring I-5 concrete and the occasional humorous bumper sticker.

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