A girl, a bike, and an open road

Apparently I had some visitors. This local family was eating apples next to The Morrigan when I returned from dinner.

Deer butt!

Woke up at 530am and decided to roll out early. Shooed a raccoon away from the bike; it claimed it was also only there for the apples, but I knew better because my left mirror swung loose as soon as I mounted. I refuse to let the raccoon terrorists win; I own a wrench!!

55F is COLD at 60mph, so a quick stop in Twisp, WA to layer up. Lovey road down to Chelan, wide sweepers, good pavement, only impediment being the 12 🦌 I saw over the 30 miles. Plenty of signage warning about deer collisions, so I took them seriously.

Found The Vogue Coffee and Wine Bar open. While adding creamer this older gentleman (70ish) comes up and thwapped my shoulder armor, says “oh good, you ARE a smart one! My boy would love to meet you!” He then proceeded to try to yenta me into meeting his youngest son at a BBQ this afternoon. PROTIP LADIES: Chris in Chelan is 44 and owns two trucks and a cabin and is an accountant, likes dirt bikes, and is AVAILABLE.

After I finish this one I’m heading down to the Bavarian themed town of Leavenworth, WA

Leavenworth, WA - a Bavarian-themed town

Biking to Colorado is seeming less and less crazy every day. Even if it IS crazy, I spent the last few years being told how crazy I am and ended up NOT taking chances and having adventures because of the blowback and judgement. The trip, the motorcycle, it isn’t so much that I’m having a post divorce freak out/midlife crisis as I’m getting back to who I am and rediscovering how much I love adventures, travel, and new experiences. I cringe at how much of that I let go. 😕

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