A girl, a bike, and an open road

I slept really well with the cot, air mattress, eye mask, and ear plugs. Out of bed by 6, make coffee, break camp, and on the road by 7am with a full tank of gas and a stiff head wind. The remnants of a tropical storm that hit Japan 5 days before were blowing through, and the rain and wind would be steady and cold all day, but I snuggled into all my layers and waterproofs, and as comfortable as could be!

The Morrigan made some friends!

Tok to Glennallen, AK is about 140 miles, and I figured I’d hit the first bakery/diner/gas station deli I could find. Foolish, I know; the one open gas station in Gulkana was sleepy and deserted. The pump worked, but the lone proprietor working the counter hadn’t even noticed me, as the pumps were across the road. I’ve been hit by a wave of “wow, Americans sure are unfriendly” since crossing back into the USA, and my interactions with her continued. Canadians almost universally wanted to chit-chat about where I was going, where I’d been, etc, but in the States its been gruff, transactional conversations for the most part, unless the person rides motorcycles themselves.

How you can live someplace this beautiful and be a jerk is a puzzle

Glennallen was sleepy and shut down, nothing open, so I stopped about 20 miles down the road at a pull out and ate some snacks. Today would be more or less just riding, without a ton of scenic breaks. Poor roads, construction zones, pickup trucks, and RVs everywhere, I just concentrated on the road. I stopped in Eureka Roadhouse for gas and more bad vibes, and tried to enjoy the scenery. I pulled into Palmer, AK around 2pm, kicked around at a coffeeshop until I could unload my gear in my adorable tiny house where I’ll stay until next Saturday.

  • Actual Wildlife seen: nothing!
  • Construction zones I needed to wait on a pilot car to get through: 5
  • Miles today: 276.3 miles

Today's route

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