A girl, a bike, and an open road

I woke up at 6:15am to the sounds of bleating sheep and lowing cattle, as to be expected when your AirBnB hosts run a successful beef and sheep farm! After packing the bike up, I had a lovely breakfast provided by my hosts - homemade preserves, canned peaches and cherries, Linda’s homemade granola, fresh eggs from the neighbor’s, and Don made me an Americano with beans he roasted himself! “Its half the price to do it yourself, they’re fresher, and you get the roast just the way you like it!” I feasted like a momma bear in September, then headed out to satisfy The Morrigans’ hunger for petrol, and headed north towards Prince George.

The approach to 100 Mile House cuts through arboreal swamps and wetlands, with constant warnings of moose and deer. Climbing out of town this morning, however, you’re quickly onto more solid ground, with occasional views of the farms and fields below. The road widened out in a wide, sweeping 2 lane that would offer frequent passing lanes, 4-lane speedways, and few urban areas, so I made good time through the forested hills.

Endless marsh and swamp

I stopped in the town of Quesnel, BC for an hour or so, intending to have lunch and a sit-down, but most of the small downtown area was closed up as the streets were being torn up for repavement work; even the Tim Horton’s was shuttered! I managed to find a small coffee shop that was hopping and got my black coffee to go, wandering over to a local hotel casino to eyeball their 2 poker tables, empty and sad on a late Saturday morning. The town square had a small farmers market happening, so I chatted with some jewelry makers and potters, as I do; I have a surprising ease talking to strangers, when the mood strikes me.

Lots of children and gardening starters, but the watermelon stand was sold out, sadly

Out of Quesnel, BC-97 is a semi-divided 4-lane ribbon of flat, mostly straight road. I intended to stop in Hixon, BC and stretch my legs, but I missed it completely, that’s how small the town is! Steadily the frequency and quality of billboards increased, and soon I spotted Mr. PG and knew I has arrived.

This weekend will be spent settling in, finding a good grocery store, coffee shops, etc. I’ll be here in Prince George for 5 days, working the day job. Next Friday I’ll leave first thing in the morning for Dawson Creek and Pink Mountain, on my way to Whitehorse.

Picture of the northern sky at 10:20pm

  • Deer Next N km signs: 3
  • Bear Next N km signs: 1
  • Moose Next N km signs: 7
  • Actual Wildlife seen: 0 (and oddly disappointed)
  • Miles today: 204.8

Today's route

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