A girl, a bike, and an open road

I slept really well, in a comfortable bed for a change! Took a shower and headed into Sidney proper for diner breakfast. I rolled in at 8:30am to an empty diner, “sit wherever you like honey” and got my order in. Good thing, because at 8:40am a constant stream of people started coming in and by 8:50 the place was jam-packed! Must have been a ferry arriving..

Sculpture park (with retro bandshell) in Sidney, BC

Sidney itself is a prosperous looking town, with lots of specialty food and beverage stores, jewelry and art galleries, a couple distilleries and breweries on the waterfront next to a sculpture park and an aquarium. I loitered and looked disreputable in my gear, met some dogs at the park, and kicked around wasting time. My ferry isn’t until noon, but I have to be in line by 10am because of customs, which was a quick process, as is becoming usual; I suspect the combination of being a middle-aged white lady with the fact that there just isn’t a lot of places you could hide contraband on a motorcycle makes me about the lowest possible perceived threat.

I'm sure this is secure..

I took the extra time to fiddle a bit with some loose bolts on the hand guards, and had a lovely conversation with a guy on an older VStrom. He is a retired high school chemistry teacher, doing a 3 days tour around Mount Baker and Bellingham. We talked about VStroms, road trips, politics, etc while watching the Harley riders roll in. A nice, warm day, a flat white coffee, and a growing crowd of families and youth groups heading to 🇺🇸.

The ferry ride itself was super uneventful, just a bit over 2 hours to Anacortes, and from there it was just 2 hours of American interstate highways to home.

Home at last!

I’ll write up a final wrap up of thoughts and notes from the trip over the next couple weeks, but will be heading out for a week-long camping trip in less than a week! Apparently I’m just not done traveling…

Miles today: 124.0

Today's Route

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